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Mr Tates

Brand Design Project

Mr. Tates was a start up dry cleaning service that approached 1 Ton Design to create their brand. They wanted a classical look that also portrayed a friendly caring sense of detail. The whole time I kept thinking about a butler. Not any butler, but "Mr. French". A worldly gentleman that you would trust your children with. Let alone your laundry.

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My wife and I purchased a set of Dry Cleaners. The seller required that we change the name within six months. So, we needed to come up with a name. We decided to use our daughter’s middle name, Tate, but we wanted a slightly different ‘look’. We contacted Ron Singleton of 1 Ton Design Inc. and gave him the following to work with: a sketch of what our daughter thought ‘Mr. Tate’ should look like (it looked more like a snowman with a top hat), the idea that he should look professional and friendly, and we wanted to incorporate an old Black Iron.

We were very excited and pleased with the Logo. We felt it depicted exactly the image we were looking for. Over the course of the next few months, our customers reinforced our thoughts. Some of the things we heard from our customers:

"Your Logo is wonderful. It makes me want to bring my clothes here because Mr. Tate is friendly and professional looking."

We almost didn’t come in because we were sure this was a franchise. Your Logo is so professionally done.

Love the logo – Mr. Tate reminds me of an English Butler.

In addition, we heard from several Advertisers that the Logo was easy to work with. The fact that it could be enlarged and reduced simply was something they were very happy about. Also, the Logo looks good in Black and White or Color.

In summary, Ron took a little bit of input from us and came up with the perfect Logo. One that depicted exactly what we were hoping for.

Scott Stoner
Mr. Tate’ Cleaners

Professional. Experienced. Proven.

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